Claimplus Services

Claimplus Contents Services and Property Claim Support

Claimplus simplifies your property claim handling with savings you can count on.

Helping Property Adjusters stay productive, improve cycle times, minimize expenses, with maximum insured satisfaction is what Claimplus is all about. Our cost-cutting Contents Valuation Service eliminates the time-consuming task of Contents List data input and product research.

We offer:

• Nationwide Contents Inventory Creation

• Contents Valuation

• Catastrophe and Restoration Services

• Loss Site Contents Management

• High-End and Unique Product Valuations

• Recoverable Depreciation

• Product Replacement

• Payment Solutions 

• Contents Claim Consulting

• Transcription

For every claim and line-by-line, Claimplus applies 40 plus years of experience, technology and expert product knowledge to deliver accurate Contents values of Like, Kind and Quality.  We understand and support the special concerns of carriers, adjusters and insureds throughout the Property Claim Process.